Chart Wizards

In chart view mode, the report toolbar displays chart wizard buttons and drop-down menu buttons for chart type selection. You can specify and change various attributes of the chart by clicking the Chart Wizard button.

Supported Charts

Group name

Chart type



Column Chart



Line Chart



Area Chart



Bar Chart


Pie and dashboard

Pie Chart / Doughnut Chart


Scatter and point chart

Bubble Chart



Scatter Chart


Map and geographical

US Map


Relation finding

Comparison Matrix


Scientific analysis

Parallel Coordinate


Statistical data visualization

Mean & Deviation Chart


Stock and Log high analysis

Box Plot Chart


Relation finding

Network Diagram (Positive / Negative)



Matrix Diagram



Forced Directed Layouts


Scientific analysis

Cluster Chart


Tree map

Tree map


Scientific analysis

Chord chart



Sun burst chart



Time series chart



General Options

Option name


Use formula

Whether or not to include mathematical data such as a partial sum or a total sum in the chart data is rendered. If checked, formula data is included.

Swap axis

The X-axis of the basic chart is represented by the data defined in the pivot row, and the combination of the grid's mass and column metrics is represented by a series of charts. When Axis switching is selected, the combination of the meter and column metrics is changed to the X axis of the chart, the row area metric as a series item.

Numeric precision

Set numeric value format of Y axis

Maximum chart elements

It can be used to eliminate the load due to the chart drawing performance on the client. To release it, enter a value of 0 to display the entire data.

In the case of a column / line chart, if there is more data than the corresponding value, it provides a function to view data by paging through the bottom scroll bar.


Options by Charts

Chart type

Option name


Normal chart

Y-Axis format

Specifies the data format for the Y-axis label.


Y-Axis minimum / Y-Axis maximum

Provides the ability to limit the range of the Y axis to a specific value.


Dual Y Axis

Check to enable dual Y axis and make right Y Axis for compare two different unit in same chart

Pie chart

Inner radius

Specifies the inner diameter of the donut chart.


Label distance

Specifies the location of the label for the pie area. For negative values, labels are displayed inside the pie area.

Map chart

Map type

You can choose charts for US states, counties, Europe, and the world.


Map axis

Select a metric item that represents the name of the map's location.


Additional Options



Show legend

Provides the ability to show / hide legends for series in multi-series charts.

Title text

Specify the chart title.


Advanced Options



Enable Pivot

It provides multiple chart view functions divided into slice dimensions. When sliced, the drill-down function does not work.

Drill down

Provides a chart view function that drills down individually if there are multiple metric items in the row area of ​​the pivot design.

Series Type

Specifies the attributes for the meta and column area data used in each series. To use the Y2 axis, the Use Dual Y Axis item of the chart general option must be checked.


The items used in the series are based on the case where there is no item in the column area. If there are multiple values ​​for the column, the options are applied sequentially to the first five series.



* How to use mathematical formulas in grid results

In Pivot Editing, add the formula for each metric setting and select Include Formula in the Chart Wizard. The chart renders data based on the contents of the formula.