Creating Report

Reports consists with various widget components including sheet, filter control, text widget, panel, tab panel and embedding report widget. Each sheet has different pivot mode with Tabular, Pivot and Complex pivot information.

From navigator right click on folder item, and on popup menu select create -> Report to create report on folder.


Report toolbar


Report widget docking space


Bottom status bar


Report Toolbars

Report toolbar changes with selected current view mode. (Grid, Chart, R, Python)

Button name




Save report content with current configuration

Visible when writable

Save as

Copy current report and create new reports with different name



Initialize each sheet results and run the reports with run on load checked sheets.


Design Mode / Edit Mode

Toggle design mode / view mode


View as Grid

Change to grid view mode on currently active sheet.


View as Chart

Change to chart view mode on currently active sheet.


View as R Result

Change to R view mode on currently active sheet.


View as Python

Change to Python view mode on currently active sheet.


Export and download

Export and download for current report



Export and download options.



Other advanced options


Tools * Statistics

Statistics results for currently active and executed report sheet.


Add layout

Add widget in layout.


Chart Wizard

Detailed chart configuration wizard

Chart view mode

Chart Selection

Quick chart selection toggle button

Chart view mode


Report in Design Mode

Click the Design mode toggle button on the Report toolbar to convert it to Design mode. Design mode is used for configuring report pivots, docking layout, filter and detailed options of report options.

Click on design mode toggle button.


Click the design button on the report toolbar to switch to design mode.


The title bar icon of the currently active sheet changes to be highlighted.


Change filter config, sort and rank settings, and grid style for report design.


Change the advanced pivot options such as tree view.


Specifies an entry for the row-column measure area of the pivot report.

Drag items from the pivot navigation tree and drop them into the corresponding area.