System Management Modules

System Administration Menu Access

Login as admin user and on the side menu, click on manager button.

Lists of System management module

Module name

Sub modules

Detailed functions


User management

Multi tenant management


Feature Control

Menu User Access Control


Look and Feel

Global grid style


Locale Manager

Application language and dictionary for menu and modules


Dictionary Locale

Meta item name dictionary for remap object item to new locale based name (ex: C0001 -> Purchase order)


Dashboard Mgr

Built in dashboard settings for menus and resources
Dynamic Java class editing / compile


Import Meta File

Meta backup and migration tool to move content between system.


Meta Migration

Meta migration tool to copy contents between servers.
(Ex. Development meta -> UAT -> Production)


System Log

Application log messages

Report execution time and status monitoring


System Resources

System resource allocation information
Memory, storage and system resource info
License information


Background Schedule

Lists of background job information.


Analysis modules

Module name

Sub modules

Detailed functions

Data source

Database Instance

Registering data sources



Excel loaded files



Parameter adding / modify / delete


System Lookup

Code / Value mapping lists


Multi tenant support

Multi tenant service provides single instance servicing multiple separate domains of services. Install application in single server, and separate all service accounts into multiple instance is achievable with this features.

Users and contents on each tenant is separated and secured from each section. Import / Export process between tenant login can synchronize and copy the contents between tenants.

As default tenant on install, tenant named *ROOT* is registered. Each tenant has separate admin roles *LOCAL_ADMIN*, and valid admin only for specific domain tenant. Global ADMIN role can switch between tenants. On install *admin* user is global admin.

Register multi tenant

Management * System Management * User Management

Click on Multi tenant tab then click new tenant button to register new tenant.

Type tenant name and description.



Change tenant to access

Switching between tenants or access direct to specific tenant is available with URL parameter. To switch tenants, user need to be validated again to check availability on specific tenant.

To access specific tenant from URL parameter is as follows:



Locale management

Management * Settings * Locale Manager

Select base language to setup on combobox. (en_US)
Edit each row by double click on column name, en_US and type new value.
To add new locale, click on (+) icon and put locale ID on popup windows. Edit additional locale by double click cell and type new value.
Select second locale combobox map compared to base locale selected.
After modify all cells with locale value, click on save button on top toolbar to apply changes on meta database.


The change of locale is applied by refresh browser url or login again.