ElasticSearch with Business Reporting and Data analytics

ElasticSearch is leading solution with scalable and great abilities capable streaming and full text search.

Here I would like to introduce the connector for ElasticSearch and making business analytics and data visualization comparable with Kibana.

Here is key factor with Elasticsearch.

  • Application search
  • Website search
  • Enterprise search
  • Logging and log analytics
  • Infrastructure metrics and container monitoring
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Geospatial data analysis and visualization
  • Security analytics
  • Business analytics

Connecting to ElasticSearch data instance

Connecting to Elasticsearch is easy, to setup one of the connection icon and put the hosts information.

Next step, put connection information

Register ElasticSearch meta information

Just like other databases, you can import sample data and register that as meta information.

Meta information is used for end users to generate report with their criteria.

Below is registered results of sample data on Elasticsearch.

Create Reports and Data Visualization with ElasticSearch

Your step for preparation is done! You can create reports and use all business analytical features for your data analysis purpose.

Click on chart icon to convert this into basic chart.

Change Pivot configuration and subtotals for business purposes:

Support on DISTICT on ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch not yet support DISTINCT in SQL. As alternative, GROUP BY query is generated automatically to get unique values.

SELECT n10.Carrier AS c_0 FROM kibana_sample_data_flights n10 GROUP BY n10.Carrier

For more data analytics…

We support your further analysis and integration with following features:

  • Integrating Python and R
  • Dashboard building and interactions
  • Data Simulation with FormBuilder
  • Connectors for ERP systems including Oracle EBS, SAP, Oracle JDE
  • Connectors for Cloud Applications including Salesforce, REST, SOAP APIs
  • Statistical Analysis comparable with SAS

Feel free to visit https://www.amplixbi.com for more information and requesting demo today!



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