Unleash the possibilities of
NLP based Business Analytics
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Benefits of NLP based Business Analytics

More companies are looking for robotic process automation with NLP(natural language processing) and technologies are matured to enhance business to more quickly react and with high performance parallel computing analytics solutions.

This helps to reduce time to prepare high quality analytical reports and enhance. To understand the business reports and resolving issues from the report is tedious job and sometimes lost to identify real root cause or late on time. NLP based Businss Analytics is best solution to use the power of data analytics and gain full control and fast results.

amplixbi.com analytics solution adopted NLP.js to interpret data and interact with business user with Robot Chat screen. Chat messages are calculated for dedicated intents and by powerful user interfaces to control intents answering and system integration channel. Can scale from small to large enterprise companies to accommodate robotic to get business users into expert analyst.

Use the power of data analytics with NLP processing gives more interactive solutions for business users and also helps understand the problem quickly.

Introduction to “NLP.js”

“NLP.js” (https://github.com/axa-group/nlp.js) is open source general natural language utility for nodejs with entity extraction, sentiment analysis, automatic language identify and the followings:

  • Guess the language of a phrase
  • Fast Levenshtein distance of two strings
  • Search the best substring of a string with less Levenshtein distance to a given pattern.
  • Get stemmers and tokenizers for several languages.
  • Sentiment Analysis for phrases (with negation support).
  • Named Entity Recognition and management, multilanguage, and accepting similar strings, so the introduced text does not need to be exact.
  • Natural Language Processing Classifier, to classify utterance into intents.
  • Natural Language Generation Manager, so from intents and conditions it can generate an answer.
  • NLP Manager: a tool able to manage several languages, the Named Entities for each language, the utterance, and intents for the training of the classifier, and for a given utterance return the entity extraction, the intent classification and the sentiment analysis. Also, it is able to maintain a Natural Language Generation Manager for the answers.
  • 34 languages with stemmers supported: Arabic (ar), Armenian (hy), Bengali (bn), Basque (eu), Catala (ca), Chinese (zh), Czech (cs), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), English (en), Farsi (fa), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Galician (gl), German (de), Greek (el), Hindi (hi), Hungarian (hu), Indonesian (id), Irish (ga), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Norwegian (no), Portuguese (pt), Romanian (ro), Russian (ru), Slovene (sl), Spanish (es), Swedish (sv), Tagalog (tl), Tamil (ta), Thai (th), Turkish (tr), Ukrainian (uk)
  • Any other language is supported through tokenization, even fantasy languages

For the agent train and interactive UI, there are one more open source application provided by “NLP.js” also. “NLP.js App” (https://github.com/axa-group/nlp.js-app) is application to train your agents for bots, done using NLP.js.

Based on “NLP.js”, we provides additional management UI and programmatic interfaces to help admin user can manage their robotic agents.

  • Multi threaded agents to support on web.
  • Training agents with website crawling and feedback from user, human agents
  • Robotic Business Automation support with analytical terms
  • Request for human agents and login to channel with all chat history between robot agents and user.
  • Java programming for programmatic pipeline design
  • Pure web based embed-able chat windows supporting IE, Chrome, Firefox and mobile web browsers.
  • Logging NLP intent calculations for each conversations and feedback to management review and learning cycle
  • Exporting and importing NLP data to migrate from development to production services

Training agents and monitoring

Using JAVA and javascript to make learning UI, below is final results to manage documents for train agents and dashboard control for the status.

Embedded as one of module of amplixbi.com business analytics solution, management module supports following features

  • Registering multiple languages and utterances / answer mappings for agents
  • Automatic learning management and website crawling to gather information.
  • Slot filling and language entity management
  • Programmatic intent processing

Robot Agents management

This screen can control how many agent threads need to open to support multiple channels and monitors each thread status. On request to human agents from the chat user, administrator can jump into conversation between. This conversation is used to feedback on robotic agents NER processing.

Robotic agents are learning every moment. Admin can define initial utterances and answer sheets for each language and also crawl the websites. The information gathered is used to enhance robotic agents for more works naturally.

NER (Named Entity Recognition) management

In any texts from user, there is particular meaning and purposes on it. NER engine is calculating best possible category of recognized text into specific intents. In this screen, define intents and the utterances rules. You can define what answers could be replied for each intents also.

Slot fill management

One great feature that NLP systems can have is slot filling. When you define an intent, you can define what entities are mandatory and how to ask the data if not provided, so the intent is not considered complete until all the entities are provided. Example: If you have a travel intent that needs the city of departure, city of arrival and date of travel, and all three are mandatory, you can have a conversation like that one:

user> I want to travel bot> Where do you want to go? user> London bot> From where you are traveling? user> Barcelona bot> When do you want to travel? user> tomorrow bot> You want to travel from Barcelona to London tomorrow

Intent programmatic processing

“NLP.js” provides pipeline to call plugins with intents calculated. For example, need to call system to get current stock information and let the pipeline process this internal data acquirement. In addition to that amplixbi.com provides programmatic interfaces to code this in source code level. You can code with java or predefined in the API sub system.

Logging and further analysis

Each conversation is logged with calculated intents and utterances from user. This information is reused to learning cycle to get robotic agents more natural and smarter. Business analysis automation depends on how much feedback and enforce the agents data. We provide smarter and broader way to make this to be manageable to meet your requirements.

Data Analytics Robot Agents

Robot agents chat channel is pure web based and supports web standard. On any screen and mobile web browser, you can call robot agents to order and ask your inquiries.

The door is to open. Open your world with exotic world for analytics into robotic business automation.

For more information

Besides NLP based business automation, there are great features you might interest on:

  • End user pivot reporting, data visualization without programming effort.
  • Interactive Dashboard building for data drilling with integrated Apache ECharts.
  • Database ER diagrams for AdHoc query building.
  • Python Jupyter notebook into reports and R statistical engine.
  • Statistical formula supports compatible with IBM SAS.
  • NLP based robotic business automation.
  • Support web standards and provides simple but powerful UX for developers and business end users as well.
  • Cloud data integration for Salesforce.
  • Oracle Discoverer migration with business area and workbooks into seamless mapping with new features.
  • Financial reporting with cloud based services including Oracle Netsuite, SAP, Oracle ERP.
  • Machine learning and decision tree with Markov decision processing.

For more information, please visit amplixbi.com And request demo.

Open a door for your advanced business environment. We hope to hear from you soon.



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